The xKDF Federation provides guidelines and assistance to member organizations geared towards the proliferation of our training philosophies and the practice of KDF in martial and holistic manner as per our mission statement. In the interest of furthering these goals, the xKDF Federation aims to do the following:

  • Provide a common forum for all instructors and senior students within each member group to participate in active discussions about all topics KDF, and work to turn appropriate discussions into blog posts and articles.
  • Create a supplementary curriculum and a common testing standard for groups to adopt and layer on top of what they already provide.
  • Host events specific to the federation.
  • Institute and administrate a Journeyman program. A Journeyman is a fighter who has signed up to visit and intensely train with a number of other xKDF Network groups for a period of days across a set length of time. We will coordinate these visits, keep track of progress, and ensure that opportunities to visit groups remain open.
  • Develop a plan to help seed new KDF groups across North America, and then the world.
  • Institute a mentoring program for newer groups or individuals who wish to start a group.
  • Host a repository for submitted curricula and other documents groups submit to share