Feb 11th HEMA Livestream

What do you always find when you encounter a group of experienced HEMA practitioners sitting together in a room, around a camp fire, or online? Hours upon hours of discussion, much of which never gets recorded, documented, or otherwise made available to others simply due to the casual nature of the groups. On the evening of February 11th, a small group of these people will be coming together in Pittsburgh. In an effort to capture these kinds of discussions, we will be livestreaming for as long as we feel like livestreaming.

Who is attending, you ask?
Jake Norwood, Capital Kunst des Fechtens - VA
Cory and Betsy Winslow, Medieval European Martial Arts Guild - VA
Ben Strickling, Triangle Sword Guild - NC
Jayson Barrons, Krieg School Denver - CO
Josh Parise, Broken Plow - PA

Within this group of six are decades of experience between interpreting the KDF sources, training and running schools, planning and executing events, developing and reviewing HEMA equipment, and acting as servants of the community within the HEMA Alliance.

What do we need from you?

These kinds of discussions always happen, no matter what we say we would like to do, and they tend to either remain super focused on one topic or veer all over the place. Although our guests will not be interacting directly with a livestream audience, but rather just doing what they would normally do, we are going to try to focus on questions or topics submitted by you. We will do our best to keep the discussion moving along.

Please submit your questions below. Note that we will not get to all questions, and may combine some requests into a general topic if they are similar.

The URL will be posted by the afternoon of the 11th. The livestream will start at 7:15 PM EST.