The US KDF Federation requires member groups to share in our stated goals and methodologies. As such, the following are basic guidelines for joining. If you think your group would be a good candidate for membership, please contact us at XXXX.


  • Early KDF Focus: A school must be predominantly focused on early KDF. This most likely means working from Danzig / Ringeck, but also covers some related sources. A school may layer on later material as they see fit to inform their early KDF focus. A school may also work on materials and weapons totally outside of our area of focus so long as their main goal aligns with ours.
  • Holistic Training Approach: Although not every member in any given club may participate in all activities, a school encourages a holistic training approach with a focus on the martial aspect of the art. They provide for and practice source material study, structured paired drills, unstructured drills, sparring, education on sharps, cutting practice, and competition. They have a curriculum, their training is structured, and they have consistent training times and instructors.
  • Minimum Required Insurance: A school must meet a minimum standard of insurance and provide proof of that insurance. Joining the HEMAA is one avenue for this, but not the only one.
  • Sponsorship or Visitation: A school may apply to join under either Sponsorship or Visitation. Under Sponsorship, a current head of a member club vouches for the prospective school. Under Visitation, a school that is unable to gain sponsorship may ask to be visited by the head of a member club who will then vouch for or deny that school. What we are looking for in either scenario is adherence to the above requirements.