Equipment Options

As in any activity, participation in HEMA comes with a wide range of required and supplemental equipment at various price points. We do not cover all available equipment below, but only some of the gear we recommend to our clubs. We keep limited loaner equipment on hand for new members, but we highly recommend that everyone purchase their own gear as soon as they feel they are ready to commit.


For general training, a steel blunt or a synthetic is a must have. Helmets and gloves are important, but you cannot solo practice adequately without a weapon. Steel has become increasingly popular as the go to option for most prominent groups, but also comes with a higher price point and more maintenance. The only synthetic sword we recommend will last for years, and we still keep them on hand as introductory tools, loaners, and some types of sparring.


Synthetic swords replaced wooden swords as training tools, and the synthetic below is the best option out there.

Purpleheart Armoury Type III ↣


Absolute Fencing and Absolute Force helmets are the most durable helmets we've found across the years. More expensive fencing helmets tend to have thinner or weaker mesh that is easily dented.

Absolute Fencing 3W Mask ↣

Absolute Fencing Coaches Mask ↣

Absolute Force ↣


While lacrosse gloves are adequate for moderate training, especially when starting out, the following types of gloves are required for full speed fighting and tournaments. ↣

Black Lance ↣

Absolute Force ↣

Light and Heavy Jackets

There are two camps of jackets in HEMA. Historically based designs, and modern designs. We use both, and prefer jackets that incorporate beneficial, historical designs into more modern gear.


Fühlen Designs ↣


Absolute Force ↣             SPES ↣            Fühlen Designs ↣  

Additional Equipment

  • Cups
  • Chest protectors
  • Throat protection (hocky equipment, historical gorgets, Absolute Force neck protector)
  • Elbow and knee pads or shin guards
  • Back of the head protection (slipped on or built in to a mask)