Bullet Points:

  • A BYOS messer tournament has been added
  • We are very near caps on many events
  • Schedule is available
  • Tournament registration closes July 4th
  • Tuesday is the last day to register and still receive a Longpoint 2014 T-Shirt

Long Version:

We are nearing July, and we have checked off some of our work items!

Schedule is Up (and Subject to Change)

You can view the current schedule here. The schedule is subject to minor changes, mostly based on conflict arising.

Tournament Registration Caps Set

Working out the schedule has required that we set caps on our events. The list below contains those caps. We encourage people to register for events even if the cap has already been met so that we have a waiting list to fill spots that open up due to drop outs or more time. If an event is already at its cap, please register for it but do not add the Additional Tournament fee for that item. If you do, we will refund it. You can view the current tournament numbers at the following link. Please keep in mind that this sheet is updated manually, so if it lists an event as 1 away from cap, it might already have hit the cap between updates: Attendee List and Tournament Registrants

Tourney Caps
Open Steel Longsword: 70 
Women's Steel Longsword: 15
Ringen: 8 Per Weight Class (4 Weights) 
Cutting: 45 
Singlestick: 42 
Open Synthetic Longsword: 25 
Paired Technique: 26
Messer: 20

Wait...You Added a Messer Tournament?

Yes! Messer has been added to that list. But there is a caveat! Like Open Longsword, Messer is Bring Your Own Sword. It must be a messer, and not simply any one handed sword. If you have already registered and would like to enter Messer, simply contact marylandkdf@gmail.com and complete an additional Add Tournament transaction at http://fightlongpoint.com/?page_id=18 . If you have not registered yet, the Messer option has been added to the registration form.

Tournament Registration Closes July 4th

Lastly, tournament registration will close on July 4th to allow us to construct pools, finalize staff, and release all of this information to everyone before the event. Like last year, all pools within each event will start at a specific time so that, if you're in pool 6, you don't have to try to guess when you are up.

Last Date to Register and Get a Longpoint 2014 T-shirt is June 17th

The last day to register and still receive a Longpoint 2014 T-Shirt is June 17th. Some extras may be available at the event in highly limited quantities and sizes.

We will be making some more announcements soon, but check xkdf.org/blog and fightlongpoint.com for updates!

~Longpoint 2014 Crew