Longpoint™, the east coast’s premiere competitive Historical European Martial Arts event, is hosting two special registration options in 2014. These options are customized for people with little or no previous experience with the Longsword or the Historical European Martial Arts movement, or who are unable to attend the full four-day event.


Introduction to German Longsword

2:00 - 5:00, Sunday, July 20th, $50

If you’re a fan of Game of Thrones, Lord of the Rings, or just a lover of the history of combat you've probably dreamed of learning to use a sword…a real sword. Not a foil, not a stick, not a foam toy. This three-hour hands-on workshop introduces the queen of late Medieval and early Renaissance Germany’s martial arts: the Longsword.

Students will receive beginner-level, hands-on instruction under Jake Norwood, one of the world’s most respected Historical European Martial Arts coaches and an internationally renowned Historical Fencing competitor. In the first hour, students will become familiar with the Longsword, its history and form, and the basic postures and movements used in offense and defense. In the second hour, students will preview more advanced techniques and receive foundational training in the so-called “hidden strikes” of the martial tradition of the 14th Century German Grandmaster Johannes Liechtenauer. In the final hour, students will have the opportunity to experiment with their new skills and receive individualized feedback through unstructured coached fencing.

This special, limited registration for Longpoint 2014 is only available to inexperienced historical fencers or beginners with less than a year’s experience. No prior experience is necessary.


Weekend Pass

Saturday-Sunday, July 19th-20th 2014, $125

This reduced-cost registration is ideal for National Capital Region locals and out-of-towners who can’t make the full four days of Longpoint™ 2014, but want to get in on the classes, coaching, and camaraderie of North America’s premiere Historical European Martial Arts Tournament & Workshop event.

This package includes access to all classes and workshops, the Saturday night banquet/Awards Dinner, Free Fencing all day both days, and spectator access to all Saturday tournaments, including the finals for every event.

Saturday Classes (90 min each):

  • The Montante: Protecting Yourself and Others (Instructor: James Clark)
  • Fundamental Assumptions of the Masters – Understanding Martial Context (Instructor: Eric White)
  • An Introduction to Knife Defense (Instructor: Tim Holter)

Sunday Workshops (pick two, 3 hours each):

Cutting with the Longsword

Cutting with the Longsword

  • How to Coach and Use Sparring Properly (Instructor: Axel Pettersson)
  • Getting the Basics Right: Body Mechanics to Fighting Mechanics to Tactical Applications in L’arte dell’armizare  (Instructor: Sean Hayes)
  • “Don’t stand so close to me” – a study of wrestling, armed and otherwise (Instructor: Jessica Finley)
  • Historical Fencing Strategies (Instructor: Lee Smith)
  • Cutting with the Longsword (Instructor: Tristan Zukowski)
  • Introduction to German Longsword (Instructor: Jake Norwood)

 (All events subject to change without notice)

See the full, updated schedule HERE


About Longpoint 2014

Longpoint™ has become America’s premiere Competitive Historical European Martial Arts event, with more competitions and larger tournaments than any other currently running event in the US. In addition to 14 different competitions featuring international competitors, Longpoint 2014 offers classes and workshops from some of HEMA’s biggest names (Axel Petterson, Sean Hayes, Less Smith, Jess Finley, Carl Ryrberg, Jake Norwood) and rising stars (James Clark, Tim Holter, Tristan Zukowski, and more). Longpoint pioneered the longsword cutting competition and open steel longsword tournament in North America and is home to one of the most talked about (and imitated) competition rule sets in the US.

Longpoint™ 2014 is held from 3:00pm July 17th to 6:00pm July 20th at Turf Valley Resort, Ellicott City, Maryland, just outside of Washington, DC and Baltimore, MD.