East Meets West on May 16-18, 2014

Captial Kunst des Fechtens, together with Maryland Kunst des Fechtens, will be presenting a public demonstration of Johannes Liechtenauer's art of the longsword at Swordfest 2014 on May 17th at the Capital Area Budokai in Alexandria, Virginia.

Swordfest runs from 16-18 May 2014, with the first and last days focusing on ala carte seminars from swordsmanship teachers of many traditions. CKDF head instructor Jake Norwood will be teaching a workshop Friday night.

Swordfest began as a meetup for Japanese Sword Arts schools, with several HEMA clubs and other brands of swordsmanship having been invited over the years. 2014 marks Swordfest's 10th anniversary and CKDF/MKDF's third year presenting. Event organizer Viet Ngyuen is planning on a few new features this year. In addition to Friday and Saturday seminars and the "main event," Saturday's demonstrations by participant schools, each group will have information tables and a cordoned-off area in the back of the Budokai Dojo for short classes and hands-on demonstrations throughout the day Saturday.

Friday's and Sunday's seminars can be attended for a marginal cost. Saturday's public demonstration is open to all. There is also a pot-luck dinner/after-part Saturday evening with prior RSVP.

For more information visit Swordfest 2014's Facebook page or the Capital Area Budokai.